You will want to stay


A former professional tennis player with an ATP hi 27 in the world. Currently he organizes tennis events in Spain and Uruguay. “I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. We all meet for dinner or lunch during the weekends, ride horses, bikes etc. I also enjoy playing tennis and staying shape. Other activities also includes playing golf, fishing and long bike rides with my dogs “.

WHY La Chacra?

“After traveling for 20 years (40 weeks a year), I thought I needed a break and spend more time in my country. I found this wonderful place after searching for months. You will find a family-friendly atmosphere, a wonderful landscape with surrounding beaches and a pleasant weather. It is only a few minute away from restaurants as Marismo, Namm or La Huella in Jose Ignacio. There are many activities like: horses, bikes, basket, ping pong, petanque field etc., but it is also a good idea to enjoy listenig to the birds singing or simply “the sound of silence”

La Chacra Jose ignacio | Uruguay | ​ | Cel: (+ 598) 97 359 989

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